Karimás korróziós kupon felhasználása és jellege!


   We need to prepare the metal test piece in advance. Then we weigh it and put it into the test system for a period of time (such as 30 ~ 90 days). Then take it out and observe the corrosion. Clean it and get the weight. So in this way, the user can determine the weight loss degree of metal corrosion. (in mils / year or mm / year, 1mpy=0.0254mm/a). In addition, we can also know the type of corrosion and pitting depth. The data of the metal coupon is not only affected by the corrosive medium. It is also related to the surface treatment of the coupon, the placement position, the length of exposure time and the metallurgical method of the coupon.

sample corrosion coupons

There are many kinds of standard corrosion test pieces for water treatment. For example, corrosion coupon, cooling water treatment standard corrosion coupon, corrosion couponstb. Az anyagok A3-as szénacél próbadarab, 20# szénacél próbadarab, rozsdamentes acél próbadarab és sárgaréz próbadarab. Vannak még vörösréz próbadarabok, alumínium próbadarabok, öntöttvas próbadarabok stb.

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